Highlighting Layered Short Hair styles

Most woman envy another woman’s Short Hair styles; well even men nowadays do this, as they are increasingly becoming stylish, more so where hairstyles are concerned.

Well, leaving men’s trends aside, here is a look at women and hair highlighting. More often than never a woman would find herself looking towards another woman, who enters a room with her hair shining in the light. And that is what highlights are about – they have to subtle and give a shine and sheen to the hair. They give life to dull hair.

Successfully highlighting layered hair is primarily dependent on the health and texture of the hair. Apart from that the look it creates is determined the time span of the chemicals, as well as the number and thickness of the highlights.

Here are few tips on getting head-turning highlights at home :

  • One should first use a good moisture-rich conditioner, so that while highlighting one does not end up over-processing the ends or tips.
  • The highlight solution should be left on the hair for a short duration, as other irreparable damage can be caused to the hair. It should ideally not be more than half-an-hour.
  • It would help to get a friend to aid in the highlighting process, especially during application and wrapping the foil for an even look.
  • The highlighting components should be in the appropriate consistency – neither too thin, nor too thick.
  • One should not go for cost-saving-cheap-products, but spend extra on reputed highlighting brands.

Despite of the cautionary list provided above for highlighting hair at home, one should ideally visit a salon and have the hair done, as the stylists are professionally trained to do their job. After all, any mistake in highlighting can cost one dearly, not only where look is concerned, but also where damage is concerned.


Short Hair styles

Highlighting Layered Short Hair styles


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